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Is a Picture Really
Worth 1,000 Words?

Is a Picture Really Worth a 1,000 Words?

Why is it that images work so well at grabbing our attention?

Images have an instant impact. Images act as storytellers. Images evoke emotion, a dream, or a vision.

The power of images in modern communication is irrefutable.

In the world of social media, visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared. A study by PR News found that online content with good images gets 94% more views than those without.

As for websites, visitors 'read' images in a split second, and make a decision whether or not the rest of your website content is relevant to them.

When it comes down to it - you can lead a customer to your product online, but unless it looks alluring and the image confirms that they need your product or service in their life, the customer will drop off at the final moment and they won't engage with your brand or complete the transaction.

How can you use the power of images to market your brand?

Well-written copy can be persuasive. An image takes it one step further.

Which image entices you more? Which image connects better with the accompanying copy? Which image motivates you to make a purchase?

Ways to use images to market your brand:

  • Paint a picture of your brand.
    Whether it's photography, a sketch or a digitally designed icon, choose images that represent your brand. This is just as important as the business' key messages or mission statement.Investing in quality imagery will not only reinforce the authenticity and professionalism of your communication but cut through the clutter of 'cliche stock' visuals that are too easy to ignore.
  • Think about your audience and target group.
    It is crucial that the target audience remains central to image selection. The imagery used should conjure an instant picture of the brand and its core values. Think about how this will emotionally resonate with the target audience. Is the image relevant to them? Does it show how your product or service will impact them? Choose images that fit with your audience's generation, lifestyle, desires, and needs.
  • Be Consistent.
    Make sure all touch points with your audience are consistent. Keep telling the same story wherever your brand message goes. Your brand guidelines will help you with this.

Investing in quality imagery will not only reinforce the authenticity and professionalism of your communication but cut through the clutter of 'cliche slock' visuals that are too easy to ignore.

  • Keeping Imagery Current.
    It's important for businesses to ensure that individuals remain engaged and that the brand is viewed as contemporary, current and dynamic at every interaction.
  • Maintain Quality.
    Make sure you've selected the correct resolution you'll need for the product - this can vary if it's needed for web use or for a printed item like packaging design.Cheap, sub-standard images look unprofessional. At best, an inadequate image will demote your status amongst your competitors. At worst, it will turn away customers and negatively affect sales. Poor quality images cheapen your brand and communicate to the consumer that your brand is impersonal and untrustworthy.

When used cleverly, images can help drive more visitors to your website, encourage social shares and brand interaction, and ultimately help you to achieve your business goals.

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