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3 Ways to "Wow" Your Luxury Client

3 Ways to "WOW" Your Luxury Client

You may have experienced an intentional non-helper, a clerk who doesn’t care, or an employee who puts protocol before the customer’s needs.

The effects of bad customer service, can leave you feeling disrespected, undermined and just plain upset! Moreover, you may never want to return to that establishment.

As a business leader, how can you learn from your experiences as a customer and apply them to your business’s customer service? Here are three ways your business can provide a positive experience for your clientele.

  1. Decide to be proactive and exceptional.
    Planning around customer needs and brand image creates an exceptional customer experience. From the moment the customer first comes across your brand’s name, to making the purchase, to closing out the transaction, and inviting to the next level of service. From a well-crafted brand, to website design, to marketing materials. What tweaks are necessary for your brand to provide an exceptional customer experience?
  2. Make it personal.
    Everyone’s favorite word is their own name. When addressing your customer personally, customers respond favorably. Simply use your customer’s name in transactions. Send thank you cards in your branded colors. Addressing your customer by name will sear your brand into their memory bank and warm their heart toward you.
  3. Enchant, Surprise, and Delight:
    In Guy Kawasaki’s 2012 book Enchantment, he says that enchantment moves people from civility to affinity and creates believers from skeptics. The goal of enchanting others is simply to fill them with delight. And a wonderful thing happens when you enchant, surprise, and delight your customer. They fall in love with your brand.

One of the finest ways to start “wowing” your luxury client is to perform a brand assessment. A seasoned design professional can assess your marketing collateral and your customer journey.

Recommendations for a refreshed and aligned customer experience and brand identity will set you on the course to wowing your luxury client every time.

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